Hello! My name is Pavel. I am an architect and BIM manager. For over 10 years, I have been working in this field and am a highly qualified specialist.

  • Taken part in the development of objects of various complexity. From a small utility room to multifunctional shopping centers and business-class residential complexes.
  • Conducted private practice and for 7 years, I have taught students how to use Revit and Autocad.
  • Developed templates for designing in Revit, as well as created and maintained family libraries.
  • Created and implemented several author’s courses on designing in Revit and creating interior design using this program.

I can assist you in implementing your ideas. Or I can teach you how to work with Revit. If you want to hire me or discuss cooperation, you can download my RESUME below or contact me through the “CONTACTS” tab.

CV Pavel Ryazanov.pdf

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